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with Christina Hofmann-Broussard

One of the biggest challenges in life is to move past pain and trauma. Bad habits can originate from these experiences or they can develop gradually over our lifetime. Overwhelming emotions make us feel we’re struggling and can cause us trouble in our careers and relationships. We often can’t seem to make lasting human connections and feel unfulfilled in our lives. Are you preoccupied by anxious thoughts? Are you unhappy with your existence? Or do you feel like something’s missing? Do you need help in achieving your goals?

You’ve come to the right place. I’m Christina Hofmann-Broussard and I help adults and adolescents becoming mentally-well beings. I specialise in treating common mental health issues like depression, anxiety and anger, whilst also working with individuals undergoing difficult life transitions. I employ Cognitive Behavioural and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy approaches to counselling. Practical strategies are utilised to help develop more functional ways of addressing problems and of managing emotional discomfort. Utilising warmth and humour in my counselling sessions, I can help you to build valuable life skills and to overcome barriers to your personal goals.


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My areas of interest include: depression, stress and anxiety, anger, trauma, grief/loss, life transitions, relationships, cultural acclimatisation, meditation and wellbeing
  • 2013

    Master of Clinical Psychology

    'I'm fascinated by human behaviour and the observation that we consistently engage in patterns of interacting with the world that seem to occur subconsciously and are not always in our best interest.'

  • 2010

    Master of International Public Health

    'Developing a comprehensive understanding of a client’s background, personality style, goals and an understanding of the world from their perspective, is of high importance in my counselling approach.'

  • 2006

    Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology

    'I can assist others in building greater self-awareness that could result in an improved ability to consciously choose behavioural responses that would help to propel them towards their goals.'

  • 2004

    Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

    'In today’s times, there is greater understanding that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body and that training one’s mind to become stronger is a skill that can be learnt.'